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Here's the link to the live streaming of Presidentiable Debate with a hashtag #PilipinasDebate2016. Watch now!


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One of the highlights in the debate was when Miriam Defensor-Santiago praised Rody for what he has done in fighting corruptions and other anomalies in using government-funded projects. She boldly expressed her affirmation to the efforts of Mayor Digong. Watch this video and see the reaction of the Mayor upon hearing the commendation of Miriam.

Nobody has done very much against graft and corruption except Mayor Rody Duterte. - Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago #VoteDuterteCayetano

Posted by Rody Duterte on Sunday, February 21, 2016

Another set of statements that also made a strong impact to the viewers and followers of the Presidential debate were the answers of Mayor Duterte regarding the influential cartel in the country. Here's the video of it.

Duterte: I will solve the rice cartel problem in 3 days

#PiliPinasDebates on GMA: 3 araw lang daw ang kailangan ni Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte para maresolba ang problema ng rice cartels. Panoorin ang buong debate sa

Posted by GMA News on Sunday, February 21, 2016




Posted by on 21 Feb 2016

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