President Ninoy Aquino Followed the Legacy of Ferdinand Marcos (Tradition of Philippine Airforce)

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This article won't be that long. We simply would like to share a photo that would prove that President Ninoy Aquino III continues to follow the legacy of Ferdinand Marcos particularly in displaying the power of Philippine Airforce(PA). For now, set aside your radical views and don't tell us that PA doesn't have the force. 

One of the photos circulating on social media shows PNoy, together with the current Secretary of the Department of National Defense Voltaire Gazmin, watching the brand new FA-50 fighter jets which were bought from South Korea. The two aircrafts escorted the Philippine Airlines flight PR 001 as it enters the Philippine area of responsibility last week.


This task is a long time tradition. Escorting the President's plane was previously done by decommissioned PAF's F-5 fighter aircraft. During the time of President Ferdinand Marcos, the Philippine Airforce would usually use more than two fighter jets to escort any foreign diplomats' air plane as soon as it enters the Philippine' air space. Back then, our neighboring countries recognized and respected our power in the region.




Posted by on 21 Feb 2016

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