(Updated)COMELEC's No Selfie Policy is Only Applicable to the Poor

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COMELEC issued a rule regarding "No Selfie Policy" inside the voting precincts but this guideline seems to have exemptions that the general public is not aware of. Eventhough the officials declaired a strict implementation of the rule, a select few were given the chance to have a photo captured inside the precinct.

Thousands (if not millions) of netizens are furious about the selfie of Daniel Padilla showing the actor holding his official ballot. The other voter from the background, however, covered her face probably thinking that she will commit violations to the rule of COMELEC if her face is shown up. (scroll down if you want to check the latest update on this report)


We can't just figure out why the officials of the elections 2016 governing body didn't stop the blatant offense of the famous celebrity. More so, why Gretchen Fullido took the photo considering that there are several voters behind the actor too!


Similarly, our friend on Facebook with handle drilon.marjorie shared a photo of James Reid and Nadine Lustre showing their biometric registration forms. For this particular meme, netizens are having argument on why people are too focus on KathNiel. Sounds funny but the message of this article shouldn't be glaring to all.


Is the "No Selfie Policy" of COMELEC a general rule or is this only applicable to the poor?

UpdateComelec Commissioner Rowena Guanzon defended Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla over the viral selfie photos on social media. The official said there was no violation to any rule since the person who captured the picture were different people and not the celebrities themselves. In addition, the commissioner stressed that the the ballots didn't show any shades of votes yet, thus, there was no offense on ballot secrecy law.




Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 08 May 2016

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