Haters of Duterte - Women Violate Traffic Law in Timog Avenue (Video)

By: DiversityHuman in Politics

The last wave of Duterte haters blocked the traffic flow along Timog Avenue. The protesters believe that their action is rational and rightfully acceptable despite the fact that they interrupted the normal flow of the traffic in the area.

The brave protesters, however, covered their faces preventing the bypassers and vehicle owners to identify them one by one. 


The rally was organized at the middle of the intersection in Quezon city is a clear violation to the rights of general public. Moreover, traffic rules can not be compromised for such isolated movement or campaign.

Here's the video clip of the said infamous rally of women's group in QC.

Why are they allowed to conduct their protest at the middle of the busy street? Who are the people behind this movement? 




Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 09 May 2016

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