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Yes, it’s still possible to call a 20-year-old lady as a ‘girl’ because everything is just in our minds. When we think that we are old enough, we are old enough and when we think we are young enough, we are young enough. Through it all, I’ve come up to certain things in my mind and I don’t know if you also experienced these things fellow 20-year old friends. I know that I am still young to think of these things but sadly, reality comes and I learned that I am really old enough for these.


Saturdays at home. Way back high school and college days, I used to pray and hope for my friends. I had gimmicks every Saturdays ‘cause I’ve thought that I’m a freaking teenager and I was supposed to do everything that a teenager should do. But today, as I woke up, I realized that I am a teenager no more. Saturdays for me are too precious to be spent at home primarily not because of work, but more often because of the tiring days. When I was younger than I am right now, it feels good not to be at home all the time but now, it’s one of the best things in life--Weekends at home.

What could be my next job after my current job? A question that keeps running in my head. It’s not because I don’t want my job but because it’s a fact which is always given! We, always tend to look for the future, to foresee things and to think ahead of today. Maybe my next job would be better than my current job or maybe it would be something that is meant for me. But it could not be any better than loving what is in your hands right now.

My wedding. I don’t think this is generally applicable to all of you, dear readers, but yep, I’m often thinking of this thing, like twice or three times a week, depending on my mood. What would be the wedding theme, where would be the venue, what would be the total look, who would be the main people and all. I don’t know. Maybe because if you’re no longer a teenager, you tend to think of the concept of settling down. Again, thinking yet, not performing the said idea.

These are just few of many things that I have to confess. I hate confessions. But they are part of life wherein we really feel excited about, at times, okay? :)




Going 20 and currently lives her life with words, loved ones and career in an Events Company. Her vision is to just live with no stress, just fun! Writing since 2nd grade, she knows what she really wants to do in her life now. Follow me on: &

Posted by on 24 Aug 2014

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