Virtual DJ Pro Makes Professional DJ even without CLUBBING

By: Sherwin in Technology

Virtual DJ Pro Makes Professional DJ even without CLUBBING

This Coming Christmas , I guess you will be attending numerous parties either with friends, classmates, workmates or with your families. The same thing goes when New Year’s eve approaches. Loud beats on the streets, Groovy music and glaring disco balls.


Some go to clubs to have a more intimate and unrestricted partying experience. Others go there just because of the hippy beats and astounding playlists that the DJs play. The melodies will surely be haunting your eardrums even after you left the rapturous club.

But….. Did you know that you can be your own DJ at home, make your own playlists, and experiment mixing different beats while having the same quality of a real DJ’s masterpieces? You can turn your home into an exhilarating dance floor! All that with the use of the software VIRTUAL DJ.

While there have already been a lot of incursion of Dj’ing apps around the internet, Virtual DJ is still one of the leading and more reliable application to use when dealing with the DJ works.

Atomix Productions began distributing DJ mixing software in 2006. They sell four different software projects namely: VirtualDJ Pro, VirtualDJ Basic, VirtualDJ OEM and VirtualDJ Home editions.  But DJ PRO is the most recommended version among those since it is very much comparable to other DJ mixing apps out there.

Virtual DJ Pro allows you to add multiple track decks - as many as you can switch, for that matter -but only allows you to program three hot cues. This DJ software does not have color-coded wave forms, an impeding setback for its brand of course, which help you identify the hi-hats, kicks and snares within the wave easily.

This DJ software’s input and output features allow you to access your whole digital music file library instantaneously. It can detect musical keys for you so that all your mixes come out in tune, set your BPM counter automatically and interface with a number of different MIDI and HID controllers. The software can be used in conjunction with time code CDs or vinyl, giving you the ability to scratch digitized music on an old-school turntable. Its time code solution also is compatible with most music video files.

Virtual DJ always make it a point that they use all the new and emerging technologies in the DJ software world to their advantage. This DJ mixing software allows you to automatically develop loops, add gimmicks and samples to your live track on the fly and use an external audio mixer.

Listen to this sample Mix video below then decide if you would like to avail Virtual DJ’s services.

Or you can just play this ProgressiveHouse Mix 2013 Party Mix video to effortlessly play a Virtual DJ mix in a party:

Happy Partying!




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Posted by on 29 Dec 2013

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