You’re Beautiful just the Way You Are! | Underarm Hair Selfie in China

By: Mikalalalo in Strange-Odd News

Got your phone? Who wouldn’t take a selfie nowadays?

Everyone wants to look good before taking a selfie. You always want to look beautiful but somehow some girls in China are now trying to be beautiful with their armpit shown full of hair. Forget about being whiter, skinnier, prettier, and hoping for changes in your physical side. Don't even dare to post nude or sexy images on the web just to catch the attention of other social media users.


In China, a certain group thought of a solution called “#TheGrandGirlsDontPluckTheirArmpitHair” on their microblogging website last July 2014 to encourage women to live with a positive attitude. Chinese micro bloggers created the competition for women to take selfies showing their underarm hair. It is an advocacy for women to accept their underarm hair, especially it is one of the basic problems of women--how to remove underarm hair.

It works Like a Charm!

A lot of women joined the competition and posted their photos, particularly Chinese women. They decided not to shave their underarm hair, took a selfie, and uploaded it into their social media accounts. A few years back, this happened to Hollywood stars, namely Julia Robert, Drew Barrymore, Britney Spears and the longest and thickest underarm hair was from the controversial artist, Madonna.

What a surprise that some women proudly posted their selfies with their long underarm hair. However, some trolls posted something else, which is an indicator that they don't like the competition.




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Posted by on 24 Aug 2014

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