Pinay Sisters MICA Invades Korea, Tops on KPOP Talent Search(VIDEO)

By: jayleen in People

A group of Filipina recently went to Korea to audition in a Kpop talent show. Their group is called 'MICA' sisters, which is composed of four stunning pinay beauties with powerful voices.

In the video, the cute and jolly sisters shared their story on how their group was formed. According to them, when they were kids they simply went straight into their house after their school class sessions to have a little bonding. They were having fun dancing and performing vocal routines. One of the members mentioned that they were just treating it as a plain game. However, not so long enough, four of them dedicated more time in fine tuning their talents. Upon learning that there is a talent show in Korea, 'MICA' sisters immediately prepared their passports and other documents. They headed to Korea.


The group also mentioned that they love to watch Korean videos in Youtube and they followed thru the performances of their favorite Korean artist 'Ailee'. The MICA sisters considered Ailee as the Korean version of Beyonce.

All of them were utterly surprised when they went on stage and saw Ailee as one of the judges. They expressed their happiness and were emotionally inspired to perform upon seeing their Korean idol.

During their performance, all of the judges were stunned on the talents of the beautiful sisters. Ailee said, "I'm really impressed by the fact that you guys harmonized everything and had everything on point." She also added that by far their performance is the most amazing she ever witnessed.

The group was also asked to render another song. They didn't fail the expectations of the judges as one of the members of MICA sisters flawlessly sang Beyonce's hit song titled 'Listen'.

Watch the performance of the MICA sisters in the Korean talent show.




Posted by on 24 Aug 2014

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