Growing with Different Types of Relationships

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Growing with different types of relationships around me, may it be with your parents, friends or neighbors, I came up to the point when I don’t know what is right and what is wrong to do. But as I gradually live in the center of my heart, I have seen many things that could help me with this sick way of understanding my relationship with someone I love.



At first, you'll misunderstand the concept of having a partner and how it goes along with other things around you. Maybe, you’ll feel the need of planning different getaways with him, different expensive restaurants to visit, and different reasons to show your friends and other people how you love each other. But there comes a point in your relationship with him when you realize which among all really matters. You will learn that your relationship is not something to celebrate through social media but is something to celebrate together. Your relationship could be the best, at least for you, and it's not a must to be recognized by other people. Soon, you will also find out how to handle your relationship while handling yourself too, which is one of the best gift you could have for yourself.

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You should realize that having a partner should not make you less of what you should be as a lady. What you plan for yourself will vary from what you plan for the both of you. You should learn how to put things in the right places and it’s a great reward. You would no longer have those unending fights because the both of you, after you realized the mixed-ins of a relationship, would become better partners to each other and that is something you should thank for. No more fights, no more sleepless nights after you fight the whole day, no more hurtful words, and whatnot.

Your relationship to him should not tell you to stop doing things you want, rather, to continue what you have started or better to start something for yourself. You should grow up and take all the possibilities that may come along the way. Having him in your life is not you, being a prisoner nor a runaway from the jail but it is you as a human being who enters another door in your life.

Most of all, learning to understand things is the most important. You can do that when you reach the state of being mature because being with him is something that you asked for, you should always take note and consider the fact of working it out all over again.




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Posted by on 17 Jul 2014

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