Reminders and Preparation for the Landfall of Typhoon Glenda

By: Mikalalalo in News

According to PAGASA, Glenda enormously gains more strength and may hit us on Tuesday afternoon. We will never know what might happen to us but there are ways to prevent bad incidents from occurring. There's no harm in preparing ahead of time, so here are some reminders and tips to keep you safe.


1. Bring your own umbrella. Umbrella has been useful ever since. It protects you from any type of weather. Sunny or rainy days, an umbrella covers you and protects you.

2. They said Typhoon Glenda will hit in the afternoon. We will never know the exact time it would slam the metro, so I suggest to bring your own “Baon”. Who wants to feel hungry during a cold weather? It may be hard for you to go out from the office or wherever you are when the typhoon hits.

3. Bring Jacket, Cardigan, Rain coat…You don’t want to get cold and wet walking under the storm on your way home. A coat will keep us away from feeling cold. Protect yourself at all times. We don’t want you to get sick!

4. Wear comfortable, rainy shoes or bring your own slippers. I love rain, but I hate it when my shoes get wet. Mud ruins my day! Mud all over my legs, pants or skirt is a no, no! Bring your own slippers or wear comfortable boots during stormy weather. Be careful on the slippery roads too.

5. Be ready with your flashlight. We don't want to repeat mistakes twice especially now that the storm continuously increases its speed. There is a big tendency of having a power outage. Charge up your phone and have a flashlight ready to avoid going out to buy a candle. Stay at home or go home early if you can.

Keep safe everyone!




Mickaela R. TanBonLiong is the writer behind the article you read above. Has grown up fantasizing "sex and city" series or movie. I've been wanting to be a writer like Carrie Bradshaw. Writing, Clothes, Girlfriends, Good Places, and to be with someone I could sing and dance through (if you know what I mean) is what I call life. To be able to be an author of a book of what I can call my own is my dream. Writing for DiversityHuman feels like I am one step closer to it. :-)

Posted by on 15 Jul 2014

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