VUVUZELA: A Safer Tool to Welcome New Year in a Loud Fashion!

Lighting firecrackers during New Year to celebrate the said occasion with a bang often poses great danger. Sometimes, they use deafening firecrackers just for the sole purpose of being boisterous because they believe that this will bring them good luck for the coming year.


Occasionally, believing won’t do us any harm. But this time, just a simple mistake or manufacturing defect might cause you to end up with a blown up hand or a missing finger, or worse, it can be a hostile way to welcome death instead of new year.

The government has been proposing to use alternative earsplitting tools which produces loud noises like “torotot”, “kaldero”, or just play loud music through your audio components. But new year celebrants seemed to be unsatisfied with the noise that these things produce so they still resort to lighting up fireworks to create an explosive noise.

But I have a good suggestion and a good alternative to firecrackers. Hopefully it would satisfy these people.

Let me introduce to you the VUVUZELA?