Teresa Widener, a Woman addicted to eating rocks

By: Abielle in Lifestyle

Teresa Widener, a Woman addicted to eating rocks

Teresa Widener of Bedford Virginia is 44 years old (at the time the documentary was aired) and she’s addicted to eating rocks. She says she couldn’t function every day without eating some amount of rocks. Her addiction to eating rocks began when she was just 24 years old. The earthy smell of the rocks is what attracted her to it.


The habit of eating Rocks

Widener says she was just out walking one day and saw some rocks. She didn’t have any intention at all in biting or chewing the rocks but then she did and once she experienced that earthy taste, she was instantly hooked.

Teresa can’t go more than a few hours now without eating rocks. What she loves most about it is the grittiness, the earthly taste, and how it feels on her teeth. Teresa’s friend Joanie is really worried of her thinking that if Teresa's body can’t handle what she is putting in it, “it’s gonna rebel against her.”

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Teresa Widener favorite type of rock is a mixture of some minerals which include granite. Using a hammer, she breaks up the rocks into bite size pieces. She likes the little bite size rocks since it’s not hard to swallow but taking a bigger piece, she just grinds her teeth on it and enjoys the bits of the rocks or she puts the whole big piece in her mouth like a candy to get the earthy taste off it. Teresa eats up to 2 pounds of rocks a day and that’s about 730 pounds a year.

“I will eat it in front of anybody, I’m not ashamed of it so … it doesn’t really bother me”, she said.

Teresa could have what we call “Pica Disorder” characterized by an appetite for substances largely non-nutritive, such as ice, clay, chalk, dirt, or sand - Wikipedia

So, is anyone of you also addicted to eating rocks?

Before you watch the video, please be aware that the clip contains a strange behavior which is dangerous if anyone would attempt to do the same. Please DO NOT do this at home.

You might also want to read: Strange Behavior: Woman literally Eating her House

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