Security Guard Plays Saxophone at MRT North EDSA (VIDEO)

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A newly hired security guard was allegedly assigned in MRT North EDSA to play Saxophone to entertain commuters during rush hour.

security-guard-plays-saxophone-mrt-video Is the girl on the right hand side merely using her cellphone or is she annoyed of the security guard playing the Saxophone? :)

A video showing a male security guard armed with a Saxophone is currently making the rounds online. In the video, he walks along the long queue of MRT passengers who are polling at the entrance of the train station. The security guard in full uniform is also seen joining the commuters inside the MRT cars while playing the lovely instrument.

Though many netizens believed that the man was really hired by the management of MRT, ABS-CBN news reported that "the man is not a real MRT security guard hired to play Saxophone but is part of a social media experiment of the group Project Awesome Philippines."

What's your take on this social media experiment? Is he annoying or not?

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Posted by on 24 Nov 2014

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