13-y-old Balot Vendor Chris Del Rosario Sings "Sayang na Sayang" | Video of the Amazing Talent of Batangas

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A 13-year-old balut (duck egg) boy identified as Chris Del Rosario became a new Youtube sensation after a video showing him singing "Sayang na Sayang" went viral on Facebook and other social networking sites.

Chris del Rosario caught the attention of a netizen, later identified as Teofilo Daño De Sagun, when he was singing the hit song of Aegis titled "Sayang na Sayang". Teofilo immediately recorded a video of him while the kid gamely sang the song at a certain street in Batangas. In an interview, the netizen mentioned that he thought of the successful singer Lyca Gairanod, who won the first ever TheVoiceKidsPhilippines, that's why he decided to upload the video and hoped for someone to recognize the boy's unparalleled talent.


Another trending raw video of Chris Del Rosario

Sad story of the young balot vendor

Chris' father purportedly died before he was born. A certain report stated that Del Rosario's mother left him when he was only 11 years old. Thereafter, a close relative took care of him. However, the singing balot vendor opted to help his aunt. He decided to stop schooling and has worked for a living. Every night he sells balot along the dark corners in Batangas. Since he is gifted with a very beautiful voice, he draws more customers when he sings.

Meanwhile, the prowess of the balut vendor impressed Danny Estioco, a music composer and album producer. Danny recently invited the talented boy from Batangas to render his version of "Sayang na Sayang" in a professional studio.

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Credit: Video is owned by Teofilo Daño De Sagun

The famous producer said, "May star quality siya eh. I believe made-develop siya to his fullest potential."

Rated K also endorsed him to My Superhero Friends Foundation. The Director of the group, Michael Maranan, gave the 13-year-old singing balot vendor from Batangas a scholarship program that will allow him to continue his study.




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Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 14 Sep 2014

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