Cute Little Baby Paloma Earns Praises from Netizens

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A cute little baby girl who looks extremely similar to Paloma of the popular TV series "Ang Probinsyano" is earning praises from netizens. In the viral photo, the kid is seen wearing a pink shirt and obviously depicts a very close resemblance to the eyebrows of Coco Martin including other remarkable physical features of the famous actor in all angles.

On social media, netizens proclaimed the baby girl as the younger sister of Paloma. With so much popularity of the real-life Paloma of Bukidnon, Janice Adams, this baby amazingly caught the curious fans of Coco Martin on Facebook.

Have a closer look on the unidentified baby Paloma version. The second photo is Jhanica Jimenez whose name was later verified as Janice Adams. Both of them didn't undergo any type of makeup transformation nor actual surgery to copy the looks of Cardo, the character portrayed by Coco Martin primetime hit series "Ang Probinsyano".

Despite the praises earned by baby Paloma, several bashers online are still arguing that the face of the little girl was photoshopped. They claimed that the original picture of the kid could have been altered using the professional editing software to make it look like Coco Martin. However, regardless of its negative criticisms this adorable baby Paloma is making a huge impact on Facebook users.




Posted by on 14 Feb 2016

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