Watch:Rapbeh Videos are Scandal of Claire Marielle Miralo

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Have you watched RapBeh videos on the internet? Do you know the scandal of Claire Marielle Miralo? Do you find it reasonable to have a legal battle and sue the uploader of the videos?

These were just some of the questions thrown at me by some of my colleagues in the office. RapBeh videos are allegedly circulating online and causing query saturations on search engines for relevant keywords of the scandal linking the beautiful girl Claire Marielle Miralo.

At first, I thought the video clips were just hoax and spread by fake websites that attempts to monitize the viral content. Though skeptical that this topic isn't true, I still find time to investigate the case and look for some transcripts that would give me an idea about the whole story of RapBeh videos.

For those who've watched the RapBeh scandal, you might already be too familiar of Claire Marielle Miralo. To those who are not yet updated on this issue, you can proceed and read the summary of the scandal below.

Part 1 of RapBeh video scandal

There are several versions of RapBeh scandal but there are only two prominent clips that relate to the content of Claire Marielle sex scenes.

Part 1 of the infamous clip is way shorter compared to the other video circulating on Facebook. A blogpost of described its content as legitimate encounter of a young couple who are on "their senses". The girl in the video appeared "normally" responding to the sensual moves of the guy.


In this footage, the young couple are also "being surrounded by other teenagers", who are believed to be Claire's close friends and classmates, comfortably pointing their phone cameras at them while they are doing the thing on the floor.

Part 2 of RapBeh scandal

This version is a little bit hard to conclude whether the girl in the video is still Claire Marielle Miralo since the couple are inside a room with deemed lights. It's not easy to visualize and compare the facial features of the girl in the video but one close resemblance would be the similarity of their braces.

Aftermath of the widespread distribution of RapBeh videos on social media

People on the internet were quick to judge the girl in RapBeh videos. Some are telling that she is a perfect example of an immoral woman, while others are bullying her since she allowed many people to record a video of her intimate moments with her boyfriend which supposed to be kept private.

There has been so many name callings, humiliation, and other form of insults coming from various netizens online.

Claire gained more bashers when someone shared the reason why she was not able to resist from the sexual encounter. Marielle was allegedly "forced to take an alcoholic drink which allegedly contained another substance that later weakened her locomotor responses".

Due to huge count of bashers and online hate messages against the girl in the RapBeh videos, Claire Marielle allegedy committed suicide. In a personal Facebook message, a certain "Tita Pearl" claimed that Claire is already dead. Pearl also said that they rushed Claire to the hospital but she was already weak and later died.


Immediate response was issued by a man named "Jhon Peter Santos" who entirely made an opposite claim. He said in his Facebook post that Claire is alive and that he is communicating to her in Angeles Pampanga.


My final words about this viral story

Going thru such problem of Claire Miralo isn't that easy to overcome. The deep trauma can lead to long term depression which could result to lack of self-respect and self-confidence.

Reputation is one of the most important things that we want to protect at all times because this is the root of our self-esteem.

In the case of Claire, RapBeh video scandal and being watched by millions of people online could have totally wrecked her reputation but as a believer of humanity we can definitely help her so she can be happy and whole again just like everyone else in this world.

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System Admin Administrator came from a very humble beginning. Born in the middle of the jungle. Raised by a very loving mother. Grew with a very hard working father. Experienced poverty at the lowest level.

Posted by on 14 Nov 2016

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