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Monday, September 15 2014

He Who Never Was (Perfect Couple with Failed Relationships)

One day, you will meet that one person who is undeniably perfect for you; the chemistry between you is something you've never shared with anyone else; you two together was just picture perfect. But there's a "but". A big drawback why you cannot have your happily ever after with him. There's either a reason or even several reasons why despite the fact that you two should be with each other, it never worked out that way. He is most commonly known as the one who got away and this is why he will stay that way.


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Sunday, August 24 2014

Confessions of a 20-year old Girl | Home, Job, and Wedding

Yes, it’s still possible to call a 20-year-old lady as a ‘girl’ because everything is just in our minds. When we think that we are old enough, we are old enough and when we think we are young enough, we are young enough. Through it all, I’ve come up to certain things in my mind and I don’t know if you also experienced these things fellow 20-year old friends. I know that I am still young to think of these things but sadly, reality comes and I learned that I am really old enough for these.


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Tuesday, August 12 2014

Different Types of People You Meet in Your Workplace

Your workplace, may it be on the field or in the office, will be filled with a lot of different people who will definitely not let you down when it comes to variety. To fill your everyday with different types of emotions is also part of their job. Whether we like it or not, they are the type of people we have to deal with every day. So let’s take a look at each one, shall we?


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Wednesday, August 6 2014

To the One I’ve Almost Died For

First of all, don’t assume that I still feel any bitterness at the moment because, yeah, I do not. I already underwent those freaky days of being so much in love with you and I've gone through it all, thank God. It took me four years to finally get over you, and that is something stupid since we never became one. But you know, as some people say, sometimes you really have to get over someone although there is no proper and legitimate reason for you to do it because 1) You’re not a girlfriend/boyfriend, or 2) He/she simply doesn't care at all.



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Wednesday, July 23 2014

Life’s Biggest Question: a Mixture of Honey and Pepper

Maybe I am good at it; maybe I am better than this; or maybe I am at my best when I’m there. These are just three of those things, I might say, I could do for myself—to see things which are I am capable of. It’s too common to talk things about life and career, about how they went so far, and on how was our performance when it comes to dealing with them. And sadly, as much as it is just too easy to talk about it, that’s how it is too difficult to live with it.

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Thursday, July 17 2014

Growing with Different Types of Relationships

Growing with different types of relationships around me, may it be with your parents, friends or neighbors, I came up to the point when I don’t know what is right and what is wrong to do. But as I gradually live in the center of my heart, I have seen many things that could help me with this sick way of understanding my relationship with someone I love.



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Sunday, July 13 2014

LDR: The 411 | How to Make Long Distance Relationship Work?

"LDR is not for the weak..." I heard someone say before.


I am in a long distance relationship and true, it is not for the weak. We have been together for two years and counting. I don't want to think that what I have right now is far more special than other relationships, it is not. I would like to think that it is just like any other relationships, with a challenge just a notch higher than the usual. Being away from each other should be by mutual consent, if you are having second thoughts, get out while you still can. Keeping a long distance relationship is hard and it never gets easy but if you feel that he is worth it, here are a few things you need to make sure you do:

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Saturday, July 12 2014

What’s Good About Waking Up? (Life Has Sweet Honey Inside)

There are people who wake up every morning just to do a daily routine, people who just wake up to sleep, and those people who just wake up to spend another day without trying anything new in their lives. Some of them are as if waiting for their judgment day and just choosing between to take their death today or just move it for tomorrow in case they forgot something to do yesterday.


It’s true that having reasons to live and motivation to do great things everyday is as difficult as counting the stars in the midnight sky; that no matter how you hope for good things to happen, there would always be some that won’t fit your fantasy. It’s as if fantasizing something that’s too far from reality. Because of that, here are three crazy things that could possibly help you wake up every day for a better cause.

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Thursday, July 10 2014

Top 5 Guys We've All Dated before The One

Dating. The best way to find the one and get married. Why do we want to get married? So we wouldn't have to through the nightmare of dating ever again. Women who are in their twenties probably have dated one or two guys from this list. For those who lucky women who hasn't, let this be a warning but hey if you believe in the saying "you have to kiss a dozen frogs before you get to kiss your Prince" let this be an advisory if you choose that path.

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Wednesday, June 4 2014

Reasons to Why You Should Date a Spontaneous Person

Reasons to Why You Should Date a Spontaneous Person

There are many characteristics to consider when choosing the right person to date. You’re bound to date different type of people in your life. There’s the mysterious type, the smart type, the romantic type and many more types. But there’s one type you should definitely consider dating at least once – the spontaneous type.


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