Things I wish Would Happen in Real Life

By: Abielle in Lifestyle

Correct me if some of these things already happen but I’m just letting my mind wander off as I am writing this.


1.) I wish we actually have real background music. So you know how in the movies, you hear the most subtle hints of music barely even noticeable but still sets the mood for everything. I bet apologizing to someone would be a lot easier that way. I want to be able to hear the pink panther theme song when I’m sneaking around. Or the “dun dun dun dunnnnnn” sound effect when I get in trouble. And when I feel like doing a happy montage, Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” would play in the background.

2.) I wish birds send letters. I know you can train some to do so but I want it to be as common as sending emails. It would be just so cool to have a bird land on in front of you and there’s a letter tied to its feet. Ooh! Better yet, make them owls. That would be cooler. Like Harry Potter.

3.) I wish You could just install in your brain the things you need to learn. In order to get a certain topic installed, you have to learn at least half of it first. Because the “card” wouldn’t work if you don’t know half of the information. (I don’t even know why I bother with this one.)

4.) I wish you could replay your whole day as a music video every night before you go to sleep. You’ll have your very own version of a montage and you get to watch the highlights of your day without you recording yourself. These are all just wishes anyway, so we don’t have to go into detail on “how” it’s going to work. I just wish we could do that.

5.) I wish we could replay our dreams. Yup! I’ve heard this one before. I just really wish we could do this. To replay your dreams in vivid display every morning when you wake up. But then you could only watch it for 5 minutes then after that you won’t have record of it anymore. I’m being very random again. I don’t even know why I come up with these crazy ideas. I've been watching to many movies again -__-




Hi! I’m Abielle, a Communication Arts student from Colegio de San Juan de Letran Manila. I’m 20 years old and would love to build a career on singing, writing and film directing. I've done some modelling but my passion is still with – Film and Writing. I’m opinionated--peculiar little puzzle that even I can’t figure myself out. Maybe through writing, we’d get bits and pieces of this puzzle together. Follow this puzzle’s twitter and Instagram: abielleremo

Posted by on 20 Apr 2014

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