To the One I’ve Almost Died For

By: venice in Lifestyle

First of all, don’t assume that I still feel any bitterness at the moment because, yeah, I do not. I already underwent those freaky days of being so much in love with you and I've gone through it all, thank God. It took me four years to finally get over you, and that is something stupid since we never became one. But you know, as some people say, sometimes you really have to get over someone although there is no proper and legitimate reason for you to do it because 1) You’re not a girlfriend/boyfriend, or 2) He/she simply doesn't care at all.



I just can’t figure it out—why and how did I feel that feeling and now I knew I should have not felt it. I remember that gloomy night of August when I wrote you a song that simply shows how lovely you were for me. You were the one who gave me the feeling of total happiness. You were the one who taught me how to love. You were the one who gave me the first heartbreak. You were the one who made me realize that not all you would want in life would be yours—and that simply made me think that moving on and letting go are the two best things we need in life to go straight.

I’m not mad at you. That’s the craziest thing I’ll do but really, I’m not. Seeing you with a girl right now, it’s too strange and too peculiar because it’s not you that I've known before. It’s a new you. Funny how I was reminded with all the places and people we've encountered together before, and it’s like I’m inside a time machine next to you. All those days (and nights) we've spent together with other friends are a whole lot of unforgettable package of you. Yes, the title says it all. This is for you, but it doesn’t necessarily talks to you. You’re the one I’d almost died for before and I’m so thankful I’ve surpassed it. It’s not being overstated, it’s the truth. I’d almost died before.

And it’s crazy how I’ve thought of us being together; how I’ve thought of you as the one; how I’ve thought of you as His gift sent to me.

Now, I just want to tell you this. You were once the love of my life, but you were just once part of it. I’m glad I’ve met you and if we just end up together, I think that is one heck of a great mistake. I found out that you are not the one. You are not the one I should be with. You are not the star in my night sky. You are not the one I should give my world to. And that song I’ve wrote for you, it’s not really for you. Thank you, I didn't push us through. Thank you, I didn’t let my inside die for you. Because you were not supposed to be the one, and you were not really the one I should die for.

The one who almost died for you, but too glad she didn’t




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Posted by on 06 Aug 2014

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