Life’s Biggest Question: a Mixture of Honey and Pepper

By: venice in Lifestyle

Maybe I am good at it; maybe I am better than this; or maybe I am at my best when I’m there. These are just three of those things, I might say, I could do for myself—to see things which are I am capable of. It’s too common to talk things about life and career, about how they went so far, and on how was our performance when it comes to dealing with them. And sadly, as much as it is just too easy to talk about it, that’s how it is too difficult to live with it.

life-biggest-questionLiving life after I graduated from college feels like I’ve entered in a white spacious room which offers me different things to consider and to entertain. There are easy ones, not-so-easy ones and difficult ones—and what made me think life could be more of a mixture of honey and pepper is that, it comes with a bittersweet deep surface and superficial profoundness; that life could be whatever you want it to be; that life could be whatever you think; and what makes it difficult is based, really, on what you’re thinking.

In cracking a decision, there are a lot of things to consider first before totally cracking it to the universe. And I believe that it’s all in our decisions. Sometimes, it may be too hard, but there comes a point wherein you will just see it, definitely without any kind of hardship. Sometimes it comes spontaneously and you’ll find it funny how you have been through with it. There would be people that will tell you hurtful things but then again, you should remember that life goes on. Let go and move on. Something out there, better, awaits for you.

After a series of struggles in life, you’ll find out why it happened and why it actually needs to happen. Either way, it’s a matter of self-trust—and how you handle things despite of the barriers and the unexpected events in our lives.

I should tell you this, there would be tons of tall walls to block your way, but you should always follow the steps where you’ll find your heart’s desires.




Going 20 and currently lives her life with words, loved ones and career in an Events Company. Her vision is to just live with no stress, just fun! Writing since 2nd grade, she knows what she really wants to do in her life now. Follow me on: &

Posted by on 23 Jul 2014

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