Top 5 Guys We've All Dated before The One

By: Maria_L in Lifestyle

Dating. The best way to find the one and get married. Why do we want to get married? So we wouldn't have to through the nightmare of dating ever again. Women who are in their twenties probably have dated one or two guys from this list. For those who lucky women who hasn't, let this be a warning but hey if you believe in the saying "you have to kiss a dozen frogs before you get to kiss your Prince" let this be an advisory if you choose that path.

The Ultimate Romeo
He is a real sweetheart. He would pull out the chair for you, open the door for you; as if proving that chivalry is not dead or so they make us believe. Flowers, chocolates and 'Good morning!' texts every morning, he got that covered and you'll be smitten all the time. Unlike other guys, he asks about how you feel and would not have any problem sharing you what he felt as well. He is sensitive, and sometimes even more sensitive than you are which makes you wonder, who is the real girl in the relationship? Then you realize he is too sweet, too nice, too sensitive and maybe you just aren't.

The Mr. Career Guy
dating-professional-guy He is so passionate with his job and dreams of nothing but to be the youngest CEO in the history of mankind.He is driven and determined and that makes him more sexy in your eyes. But he will never have time for you; and on the seldom times times that he did he can't even seem to put his phone down as he is still working and checking on his emails. He didn't even notice the lovely dinner that you've worked so hard to prepare from scratch. Mr. Achiever's world revolves around his goal and career that he has forgotten to appreciate that one person who's been supporting him since day one and slowly he is drifting away from you, even if you don't want to.

You were present in all of his games, cheering his name on top of your lungs. You patiently waited at the bleachers during his 6 am practices and you religiously wear his jersey proud every time you can. He is adored by plenty of fans, 80% of which are of the female population (remaining 20% are from the gay community) but he only has eyes for you, or so he tells you. The thing is he never referred to you as his girlfriend or that you two are even exclusively dating. Yes he tells you you're special but as you just going to settle for that? You're not a part of his groupie, you deserve better than that.

The Crazy Party Animal


He is the life of the party. He has access to all the hottest clubs in town and the biggest music festivals. You will have the nicest photos taken on the most happening events posted in all social media sites and you can't deny the fact that you two look cute together. He's carefree and he's living the life to the fullest. You guys have the greatest time together. But he'll only be available from 11pm until 6am the next day. You can't make him go meet your girlfriends for brunch or go on a afternoon movie date like couples normally do. Most probably he is still drunk from partying the night before or afternoon dates are way too early for his body clock to handle. He lives for the party and only for the party.

The Bad Boy


You cannot resist that he looks dangerous and mysterious at the same time. He won't call you or text you for what seemed like ages but when his car shows up at your gate, you leap with thrill and ride with him anyways. He is surprisingly sweet around you when he feels like it yet acts differently the next minute. Your girlfriends thinks his bad news and you know that too, but the thing is you secretly hope that he will change for you. Truth is, he won't and he never will.

Then comes The One


He is the light at the end of the dark tunnel of dating. He is the reason why you put up with dating in the first place. You might not meet him yet but once you do, you will realize he sums up all the thing you loved about the guys whom things didn't work out. He will be sweet, crazy, smart, sexy and bad ass and you will be his number one fan. And he will feel the same way about you.




Maria graduated AB Communication Arts in 2007. Part-crafty person. She has her own online shop Maria's Collection (@mariascollection on Intagram) showcasing handcrafted jewelries. A perfect day for Maria would include the beach, a cold margarita and a re-run of her favorite series, How I Met Your Mother.

Posted by on 10 Jul 2014

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