What’s Good About Waking Up? (Life Has Sweet Honey Inside)

By: venice in Lifestyle

There are people who wake up every morning just to do a daily routine, people who just wake up to sleep, and those people who just wake up to spend another day without trying anything new in their lives. Some of them are as if waiting for their judgment day and just choosing between to take their death today or just move it for tomorrow in case they forgot something to do yesterday.


It’s true that having reasons to live and motivation to do great things everyday is as difficult as counting the stars in the midnight sky; that no matter how you hope for good things to happen, there would always be some that won’t fit your fantasy. It’s as if fantasizing something that’s too far from reality. Because of that, here are three crazy things that could possibly help you wake up every day for a better cause.

Talk to yourself. Crazy, right? But no. Maybe for some this is something that’s ridiculous but if you’ll do it, you’ll lose nothing, you’ll gain everything. No one could be responsible for your own good but yourself and upon waking up in the morning, you should first think of that. “Hello, Mr. Sunshine! Today, I shall make myself happier than yesterday.” Talk to yourself, of course, mentally. It will be healthy for you. And sometimes, it’s better to just talk to yourself than to talk to pessimists.

Hug trees. Not literally, but if you do it, that’s great. Hug nature, love them, take care of them. Even though you’re not the type of ‘nature, I love you’ person, we must admit that caring for God’s creations is something that will boost our positivity. When everything gets worse, and there’s no one who is there for you, remember that you still have His creations. You’re both made by One. If people failed to do, then others will.

Walk while your eyes are closed. Again, something that’s not to take literally. You can walk in your life and just walk, without other people’s approval, without their signal of ‘Hey, stop walking’ or ‘You can walk now.’ You own your feet. You own it and you can go to whatever place you want to go. If you want to be lost, go ahead. Just make sure that you won’t cry when you’re already losing the right way. That’s exploration.

Crazy things indeed, and one could be any crazier than this. When life gives you Honeybees, double check it. When life gives you difficulties, make sure that there’s nothing you could do to solve it before you give up. Remember, there is sweet honey inside.




Going 20 and currently lives her life with words, loved ones and career in an Events Company. Her vision is to just live with no stress, just fun! Writing since 2nd grade, she knows what she really wants to do in her life now. Follow me on: http://twiterr.com/VenicePaulaF & http://Instagram.com/poeluh

Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 12 Jul 2014

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