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Are you one of those who wants to watch live steam videos of Miss Universe 2015 from Las Vegas? Some websites released the links online and you just have to use Google search engine to find one.

The most awaited pageant of 2015 will be aired live from The AXIS in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. This year's Miss Universe contest will have a total of 80 beautiful and stunning contenders who are wishing to grab the most coveted crown.


Top 10 beauties will be picked for the semi-final round. The judges will then choose five candidates to join the final round which will highlight the question and answer portion. At this segment of the pageant, followers of Miss Universe all over the world would really love to watch the full live coverage of the show.

We will be posting the winner of Miss Universe 2015 on this page and will include the links to the videos that you really want to watch for yourself. Bookmark this page so you can easily get back and view the results.

Five major awards will be given on the coronation night of Miss Universe in Las Vegas, USA. Paulina Vega of Colombia will be present on the entire pageant and will crown her successor.

For those who are in the Philippines, you can either watch live stream of Miss Universe 2015 on the internet or via STAR World Philippines and Lifestyle Network. To those living in the provinces, you may also watch the coronation night on ABS-CBN TV network.




Posted by on 20 Dec 2015

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