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He Who Never Was (Perfect Couple with Failed Relationships)

One day, you will meet that one person who is undeniably perfect for you; the chemistry between you is something you've never shared with anyone else; you two together was just picture perfect. But there's a "but". A big drawback why you cannot have your happily ever after with him. There's either a reason or even several reasons why despite the fact that you two should be with each other, it never worked out that way. He is most commonly known as the one who got away and this is why he will stay that way.


You had your fears. He is all you think about and seeing him for dinner or after work coffee is the highlight of your day. You talk to him all the time and constantly text each other when he's not around. But this is all new to you, you have never been in this situation before. No one has given you butterflies until him, it was something you were not ready for. You chickened out on him. When you realized you wanted to take that big leap, it was already too late.

You've been hurt before... and a lot of times. After a series of failed relationships, you had to endure one heartache after another. It was exhausting and it took you awhile to get through that phase. You never thought you will bounce back, but you did. Then he came into your life and it was just too good to be true, but it was the same feeling when you and the ex started,right? Everything is always magical until he decides to break your heart. You wanted to give him a chance you ready did, but your fear was bigger than your love.

You wanted him to chase after you. You like him and he likes you; its pretty obvious. But you wanted more. You wanted him to want more in this so-called relationship that you have. Instead of telling him exactly what you hope for, you just assumed that he got it; that he read your mind. Guess what? He didn't. You went away wondering why he did not run after after you while he was left wondering he did wrong to make you leave him.

You were insensitive. You took him for granted. He was your go-to guy, your instant date, your constant driver. However you failed that see why he was doing these things for you, thinking that he's just being a good friend. You did not get a hint or you did but you were to proud to recognize it. You know you could have done something but you never appreciated him. He got tired and moved on, now its too late.

You never had the perfect timing. You and him, perfect on paper but you could never get the perfect timing. You were available when he isn't; when he was ready you have already decided to give another guy a chance. One day you were determined to settle down but he was still so occupied with his budding career. No matter how much you both tried, the stars never aligned to give you that perfect timing. And sometimes, timing is everything.


The one that got away never really went away. He is never totally forgotten and he will have that special spot in our heart. But it's time to go forth. Sometimes it is better to leave the "past" in the past. Stop wasting your time with a glass of wine in your hand thinking of what might have been. Instead accept that your time will never be and just be contented that once in your life, there was this guy, he made you smile but he got away.


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Maria graduated AB Communication Arts in 2007. Part-crafty person. She has her own online shop Maria's Collection (@mariascollection on Intagram) showcasing handcrafted jewelries. A perfect day for Maria would include the beach, a cold margarita and a re-run of her favorite series, How I Met Your Mother.

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