Pia Wurtzbach's Impressive Voice, Sings Britney Spears Hit Song Live on Air

By: DiversityHuman in Lifestyle

Pia Wurtzbach could be one of the most adorable guests of the radio program called Sway in the Morning where she impressively sang the hit song of Britney Spears. At the interview, which lasted for 20 minutes, the beautiful Miss Universe 2015 also shared tons of important information about the Philippines' eco-tourism, its culture and tradition, environment and a whole lot more.

The hosts of the radio show were really hooked up all throughout the conversation. At one point Wurtzbach pointed the top three interests of Filipinos which are basketball, boxing, and beauty pageant. That's when the spontaneous questions from the hosts started to popped out.


At the middle of the jolly exchange of ideas, the main host of the radio program wanted to have a karaoke. At that segment, Pia Wurtzbach sang Britney's hit song titled "Baby one more time". 

Watch the impressive performance of Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach at the Sway in The Morning radio show.

Here's the video containing the entire length of her guesting at Sway in the Morning last week. It also aired the actual calls from its followers who attempted to capture the interest of Pia Wurtzbach.




Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 11 Jan 2016

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