Watch: ASAP Performance of Sarah Geronimo, Sings Don't Let Me Down

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The production number of Sarah Geronimo on ASAP performing the hit song Don't Let Me Down earned positive feedback from the followers of the weekend variety show.

Sarah Geronimo, who is recently rumored to be pregnant, remarkably surprised the audience of ASAP last Sunday. Wearing a pair of black crop top and leggings, she walked out from the back stage and stunned the crowd when she started to belt out the popular hit of "The Chainsmokers".

Commenters on social media shared their words of appreciation on the emotional and intense opening number of the Popstar Princess. Sarah didn't fail her supporters up until the end of her performance.

In the video below, you will surely appreciate the versatility of Sarah Geronimo. Her dancing skills has elevated to the levels of known professional dance crews. Sarah as well maintained her stylish sexy outfit that suits to the production number.

The Popstar Princess continues to prove her unparalleled talent. It appears that she never stops to develop her existing talent and she also continues to acquire additional skills to further enhance her stage presence.

Having that said, we are pretty sure that we can expect more from this professional performer. Sarah Geronimo is still young and her career is not yet on its peak. There are a lot of areas that she can still try to explore.

We also wish that the entertainment business industry can curve new competitive talents from this generation. 




Posted by on 19 Jun 2016

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