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Sunday, June 19 2016

Watch: ASAP Performance of Sarah Geronimo, Sings Don't Let Me Down

The production number of Sarah Geronimo on ASAP performing the hit song Don't Let Me Down earned positive feedback from the followers of the weekend variety show.

Sarah Geronimo, who is recently rumored to be pregnant, remarkably surprised the audience of ASAP last Sunday. Wearing a pair of black crop top and leggings, she walked out from the back stage and stunned the crowd when she started to belt out the popular hit of "The Chainsmokers".

Commenters on social media shared their words of appreciation on the emotional and intense opening number of the Popstar Princess. Sarah didn't fail her supporters up until the end of her performance.

In the video below, you will surely appreciate the versatility of Sarah Geronimo. Her dancing skills has elevated to the levels of known professional dance crews. Sarah as well maintained her stylish sexy outfit that suits to the production number.

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Saturday, April 19 2014

(VIDEO) WWE Recalls the Good old days of the Fantastic Ultimate Warrior, a Simple Tribute that will Make you Cry

The Ultimate warrior (James Brian Hellwig) is being remembered as one of the most skilled wrestlers of all time. He was the sole wrestler to hold both the WWF Championship and the Intercontinental Championship at the same time. Those who witnessed his fancy moves in the 90s can tell thousands of fascinating words about him. And who would forget the day he pinned down the great Hulk Hogan and captured the WWF Championship belt?


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Saturday, February 16 2013

The Viral Harlem Shake Memes Youtube Compilation (Lots of Videos)

The Viral Harlem Shake Memes Youtube Compilation

'Harlem Shake' recently created a viral video craze online, inspiring fans to upload their own videos for the trap hit. Fans all around the world uploaded 30-second video memes in Youtube--more than 4,000 of which are posted each day. Harlem Shake memes is taking over Youtube for the past 7 week.


In May 2012, Harry Rodrigues (born April 30, 1989), known by his stage name Baauer, released Harlem Shake single which received numerous positive feedback.

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Thursday, February 14 2013

Michelle Jenneke: Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Athlete 2013

Michelle Jenneke: Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Athlete 2013

Michelle Jenneke -- The 19-year-old Australian hurdler who leapt to stardom last year with her pre-race dance routine in 2012 International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) World Junior Championships in Barcelona is set to feature in the 'athletes' section of this year's Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.


The editors of Sports Illustrated were apparently pleased so much with Michelle Jenneke that she was asked to appear in the magazine's popular swimsuit edition.

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Friday, October 26 2012

John Paul Encinas - Cruel Attack to a Canteen Cashier

John Paul Encinas, a laundry shop owner in Manila, was caught on cam assaulting a cashier in a canteen near his establishment.
John Paul Encinas was recorded on at least three CCTV cameras threatening and attacking a female cashier named Marjorie Reynaldo who asked him to pay his meal.

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Sunday, September 30 2012

Cebu inmates dancing Gangnam Style 2012 - Watch their Latest Youtube Video

CEBU DANCING INMATES - "Gangnam Style" has taken Filipinos by storm and due to insistent public demand, Cebu inmates brought another fantastic performance of the horse-riding dance made famous by South Korean rapper Psy on his record holder youtube video "Gangnam Style".

The latest look of Cebu inmates. Enjoy watching their latest video below.

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