Funny NBA 2016 Finals Memes, Hilarious Photos of Cavs and Warriors

By: DiversityHuman in Sports

The closure of NBA 2016 championship brings us a lot of funny memes and hilarious photos from both teams. Tons of internet users quickly came up with some creative images that draw laughter on social media.

Before we begin to show some viral memes of Cavaliers and Warriors, we would like to emphasize the amazing performance of Lebron James and Kyrie Irving who shut all bandwagon fans in every play they had from start to finish. At the end of game 7, GS fans were silenced by the visiting team. The whole gang of Cleveland successfully put the entire Warriors fans in the corner and left them quite until they exited the arena.

It was such a beautiful game. Watching two aggresive teams imposing their game plays on the court was really killing me. Though, none of us here are loyal fans of Cavaliers but we chose them over Warriors team because of their unique chemistry in the team and their incomparable spirit in winning the championships ring.

Anyways, this topic doesn't really aim to discuss the two great teams in NBA. This article is published to show some of the funniest NBA memes. Check these out!




Posted by on 20 Jun 2016

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