As soon as the boy finished singing the song, Elisa and friends interviewed Tristan to gather additional information about his life.

Without second thoughts, Tristan shared his private life including the sad story of his broken family. According to the post of Elisa, the parents of the kid already have their own individual family and Tristan was left behind with his little brother.

The sadder part of his life is his required kidney treatment through regular dialysis which he could not afford. At times, he travels to Fairview in Quezon city to seek medical attention. Tristan said that he offered to sing to the doctors for him to get the treatment free of charge.

Before Elisa and Tristan ended their conversation, they offered to buy his medicine but the boy declined and simply asked for an Omega pain killer. He said it would be enough to relieve the pain he is feels on his back.

This heart touching story is raking millions of views on social media. As of press time, there's no additional report, aside from the post on, if the boy receives assistance from the local government of Sta. Rosa, Laguna. is hoping that this viral story will reach to the officers of the Department of Social Welfare and Development so the happy lad could receive proper medical care.

To the brave 15-year-old Tristan Dynel Gogit, please hold on little angel. Help is coming. Keep safe and God bless!