OFW News: Filipina Domestic Helper Killed in a Car Accident in Hongkong

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An Overseas Filipino Worker(OFW) was reportedly killed on Monday evening due to a car accident along Pok Fu Lam Road in Hongkong. The 52-year-old housemaid sustained fatal injuries according to the medical experts.


Photo: Courtesy of ABS-CBNnews.com

A press release statement issued by authorities fully describe the horrible accident. It mentioned that the driver of a concrete mixing truck lost control of the 30-ton vehicle along Pok Fu Lam at around 5 p.m. then it hit the car driven by a Filipina domestic helper. The 55-year-old Chinese lady, the OFW's employer, was also inside the car when the accident occurred.

The mishap that instantly killed the pinay domestic helper in Hongkong also caused multiple car collision on the road. Right after the heavy truck hit the car driven by the 52-year-old Filipina, the car hit another vehicle on the opposite side of the road and then struck a third private car as well. The impact of the collision was unimaginable.

Rescue teams including Hongkong firefighters struggled to free the domestic helper and the Chinese woman. It roughly took them an hour to extract the bodies of the victims from the wrecked car. The unconscious victims were rushed to the nearby hospital but unfortunately the pinay housemaid was declared dead at 7:20p.m.

The drivers of the other private vehicles with minor injuries were also confined in Queen Mary Hospital. The 39-year-old truck driver was also sent to the same hospital with injuries to his neck and head. The authorities immediately issued a warrant of arrest to the suspect for dangerous driving causing death.

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