Enrique Gil's Naruto Move, Is He Really Gentleman or Gentlem@ni@c

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Loyal supporters of Enrique Gil and haters of the Kapamilya actor are again arguing head-to-head whether the celebrity is really gentleman or a gentlem@ni@c who loves to do the NarutoMoves. The two colliding parties recently used the social media to air their arguments and as well to gain the approval of other people regarding their opposing claims.


After reviewing their sentiments, comments, and violent reactions, it turned out that haters of Enrique Gil were able to position a good argument by presenting some meme photos which validate their claims.

Here are some items of evidence shared by the haters of the actor on social media. They said, these should permanently close the question whether Enrique Gil is gentleman or gentlemaniac.

The photo below was allegedly taken during the filming of the Kapamilya telenovela "Forevermore" in La Presa, Benguet. The photo vividly show the right hand of Enrique placed on top of Liza Soberano's breast. Moreover, according to the internet users, the actor's fingers are "gently" touching the exact spot(n!pple of LizQuen).


Do you think that this meme was photoshopped?

A similar action was done by Enrique Gil on the national television. The image below shows how Alexander "Xander" Grande III (role he portrayed in Forevermore) cupped the boob of Liza. Was this unintentionally done or did he plan this NarutoMove ahead of time?


Enrique Gil was caught holding the right breast of Liza Soberano during the final episode of Forevermore.

On the other hand, the supporters of the actor shared a photo that highlighted the efforts of Enrique Gil. The actor was caught on cam trying to protect Liza Soberano when the actress experienced a wardrobe malfunction during their interview on ASAP last May 24, 2015. Enrique helped Liza since the side zipper of her dress won't stay up.


With these photos, who among the two groups you would like to believe? Is Enrique Gil really a gentleman or is he a gentlem@n!ac?


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Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 07 Jun 2015

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