Kristel Moreno's No Underwear Photo at the Star Magic Ball

By: jayleen in Celebrity

Kristel Moreno breaks silence after her controversial no underwear photo which was taken during the recent Star Magic Ball has gone viral on the internet. The picture of the former sexbomb girls member allegedly made the scandalous stunt to catch the attention of the media and other participants of the star-studded event held last Saturday at Makati Shangri-La hotel. Aside from having no panty, Kristel Moreno apparently did not wear her bra as well.

Kindly take a closer look of her photo below. Kristel Moreno's controversial appearance caused some noises online. The 23-year-old dancer received mixed reactions and criticisms from Filipino netizens. However, more local showbiz followers hated Kristel. Thousands of bashers aired their comments on Facebook and several bloggers listed her as the worst-dressed star of the night.


"Pag open ko, nandoon po lahat. Nandoon lahat. Okay lang 'yung sinasabi nila na may bilbil, mataba, opinyon po nila 'yun, eh. Wala naman akong magagawa. Sa akin lang, medyo foul 'yung iba na parang personal na masyado. Hindi na gown o hindi na itsura ko 'yung pinupuna nila," Kristel Moreno said.

Meanwhile, a certain report mentioned that her see-through 'scandalous' gown was weaved by the famous Hollywood-based Filipino designer Rocky Gathercole. Jennifer Lopez also purportedly requested to have the dress shipped to United States since Jennifer allegedly planned to use it for an upcoming concert.

What's your take on Kristel Moreno's viral no underwear photo?




Posted by on 12 Sep 2014

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