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GlendaPH, Right Now

Typhoon Glenda to hit the Philippines

Later at 9 in the evening, people are surely going to stay inside of their respective homes with their family while praying that this fast approaching typhoon could not destroy a lot just like what Typhoon Milenyo did before. Over the internet, we could see the progressive moves of different people and government departments in order for the Filipino community to be updated from time to time. But of course, that’s not enough. Naturally, we tend to seek and wait for some help from others because we think that they are just that good enough. However, later we would realize that it is within ourselves; it is we, who are primarily responsible for ourselves and not anyone else. From here, these are some things that we shall put in our minds during these kind of days.


BE READY. (I know, I know. People might get tired of this one, but what could we do? This should always be on top of the list!) We cannot afford to just stay where we are. We shall move. We shall do things. We shall save ourselves. We shall be ready from any type of calamities that may come along the way. Make sure that everything is safe and sound, at least, for you and for your loved ones. Don’t just tell it to yourself but also tell it to them. Inform them of what are the important things to do so that all of you would be ready.

KNOW EVERYTHING. And when we say everything, it is the everything of what Typhoon Glenda could possibly do to us and what could we possibly do to avoid her. Of course, we could not avoid her but what I’m trying to say here is, the things that we could do to protect ourselves from her. Protection should always be present at all times. And I know, no one would love to have another Milenyo kind of disaster.

BE A BLESSING TO OTHERS. This one can make everything straight. This one can make everyone safe. Always remember to be a blessing to other people, as much as they need us or not, as much as they love us or not, or as much as they know us or not. We should always know that as a person, we also have an innate obligation for our fellowmen.

ASK FOR HIS ASSISTANCE. This would be the last but definitely not the least and not just for times like this but everyday of our lives. We should always remember how He sees us as His charming little babies. That’s the sweetest thing in the world. Trust Him. No doubt He will save us from all these distress and catastrophes.


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