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About UFO, Aliens, and Human Alien Hybrid (Another Perspective)

Heard about UFO’s? Umm Aliens? How about Human Alien Hybrid?! Here’s another perspective.

Our generation today seems taking us to a different direction. We have certain beliefs that continuously evolve and different unbelievable stories of it are being passed from one generation to another. Alien abductions are heard from the news and several documentaries have been released causing confusions among us. Sometimes we reached to a point where we are having difficulties in discerning what is a fact and what is fiction. But without a doubt, it is clear that something is taking place in our night skies. Everything just keeps on going and it's going fast.


News about UFOs are much talked about today. Some said they are spaceships while some said those are just moving stars but as the name indicated "Undefined" we really can’t tell. Now, have you seen a UFO (Undefined flying object)?

Believe it or not, I did. It was one night when I stayed in an open field near a forest. I enjoyed spending the night with someone I love. We were star gazing when suddenly an object was flying just above the two of us. I saw it with my own n@k#d eyes. It was not a shooting or falling star. I still can’t say what it was all about, not until I watched the Rated K.

On July 13, 2014, Sunday, the famous TV anchor Korina Sanchez talked about UFO sightings in various parts of the world. That’s when I knew that some people had more experience on it. Some of them claimed that they even met someone not like us, someone from the outer space. They said that alien creatures came to visit us.

Aliens are allegedly similar to humans but they have different image and feature because they live in other planets which don't need oxygen. As I go beyond this topic I found out that our moon is not just a big, dark, good-looking matter in space but “Aliens are on the Moon!” Among the most compelling evidence is a giant bridge on the moon which would dwarf anything on Earth. Our bridges to nowhere probably cost more. Here’s a link for more information. It seems that lifeforms from other planets want to build a connection with us. Not only that, what surprises me more was about the Human Alien Hybrid.

One of the speakers in the night show, Rated K, said that she met an Alien, who injected something in her body to get an egg cell from her. Those aliens will transfer it to another host to make a human-alien hybrid. Sounds WTF? According to www.arcturi.com, they are The Grey Alien/Human Hybrid. They look completely similar to a human with some small anomalies like grey skin and somewhat rounder head with big and bright human eyes.

Grey Aliens were invented by another kind of aliens, Reptilian Aliens. These Aliens mastered the cloning technique to invent the Grey Aliens and made their slaves. Since they got advance science, they are now using human cloning to increase their population.

As for humans like us, living in a Christian world, do you accept cloning? Do you even believe in Aliens?

It’s up to you to believe.

Here's a video depicting Aliens and other UFOs.


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Mickaela R. TanBonLiong is the writer behind the article you read above. Has grown up fantasizing "sex and city" series or movie. I've been wanting to be a writer like Carrie Bradshaw. Writing, Clothes, Girlfriends, Good Places, and to be with someone I could sing and dance through (if you know what I mean) is what I call life. To be able to be an author of a book of what I can call my own is my dream. Writing for DiversityHuman feels like I am one step closer to it. :-)

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