Philippine Arena: World’s Largest Dome Theater by Iglesia ni Cristo to be Completed this Year

By: Sherwin in News

Philippine Arena: World’s Largest Dome Theater by Iglesia ni Cristo to be Completed this Year

Forget about having a trip abroad just to experience a world class and airy venue such as enormous domes located in other countries. Thanks to the initiative made by the Iglesia ni Cristo(INC). We now have a world class and record breaking dome that we can call our own.


INC’s Philippine Arena is dubbed as “The largest domed theater on the planet” by The dome boasts its crown-like appearance, a marvelous architectural work which will give a deep excitement and admiration to everyone who will see and enter the place. The arena is still undergoing some finishing touches but is expected to be done this year. This will make Iglesia ni Cristo's centennial celebration in July a very special and memorable one.


A one-hour special documentary by Discovery channel featured the amazing feat done by INC. Aside from the very spacious floor area, it also set a new record as the dome with the biggest floor space in the world with a stunning area of 36, 000 square meters. The Philippine Arena also flaunted it’s earthquake proof characteristic which was proven by PHIVOLC’s earthquake expert, Renato Solidum. He also said that, “earthquakes don’t kill people, buildings do.” So being in a safer place such as the Philippine arena will give you a much needed comfort or protection even during a natural disaster like typhoon Yolanda. According to engineers and building experts, the Philippine arena is also strategically designed to prevent stampede whenever a panic occurs.

Once the record breaking dome is unveiled, expect many tourists and spectators, as well as INC members, to swarm the historical structure which is located in Bocaue Bulacan near NLEX. Philippine Arena is said to have around 50000 seating capacity, which can be a good venue for major concerts as well as huge sporting events. Who knows, if Manny Pacquiao decides to fight again in the Philippines? His boxing bout should happen here since it will be able to accommodate thousands of boxing fans.

I would like to congratulate Iglesia ni Cristo for a job well done! =)


"San Jose Builders" was the one chosen as the contractor for this wonderful and hefty amphitheater.




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Posted by on 10 Jan 2014

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