Top 7 Most Uncommon Dog Breeds

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If you are looking for some uncommon dog breeds, then this might help you find one. These are some of the most rare breeds that you could ever have.

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Norwegian Lundehund | Boromir kennel via Flickr
Norwegian-Lundehund They have six toes on each foot, and prick ears which can be controlled at will, they have an ability to tip their heads backward until it touches the backbone, the Norwegian Lundehund is a peculiar breed. Their extra ordinary built helped them to excel at Puffin hunting, but these pets are very easy to love and live with.

Chinook | Noelle Deihl-Harteveld - photo
chinook “Warm winter winds" is the meaning of their name in Inuit, The Chinook’s double coat keeps them warm and comfortable during the cold season. The Chinook was founded in New-Hampshire where they were bred as drafting and sled racing dogs; with the great power of a freighting dog and their cheetah-like speed.

Catahoula Leopard Dog | Fraudoring via Flickr- photo
Catahoula-Leopard-Dog Most of the time, these dogs are multi-colored or spotted. Catahoula Leopard Dog are known to be the first ever dog breed in the United States. Their names were taken from Catahoula Parish in Louisiana and traditionally, were used to hunt wild boars.

Peruvian Inca Orchid | Paramonguino via Flickr- Photo
Peruvian-Inca-Orchid The Peruvian Inca Orchid roamed the land long before AD 750, and until now they remain an uncommon pet. The breed is agile swift and smart. Also, they are very good at hunting, luring and coursing too. Their most distinct quality is that they are most of the time furless, with skin appearing in a range of different colors.

Mudi | Bleuborzoi via Flickr- photo
mudi This Hungarian herding dog is both very active and very versatile. They make great and talented hunters, the could also be a rodent exterminator, herding dog and flock guardian, as a pet, however, the Mudi is at its best if given rather long walks or runs in large and safe areas where they’re free to roam and play.

Catalburun | Pet Tribe via Flickr- Photo
Catalburun They may be rare because of severe inbreeding, The Catalburun is one of the few dogs in the world with a split nose and ears which are suspended. Originally, they’re bred for hunting, especially in Turkey.

Azawakh | Garde-Epee via Flickr - photo
Azawakh This West African sighthound makes a fiercely protective companion and guardian, and an extremely intelligent lure courser. The breed is elegantly built and features a short coat in a wide variety of colors and markings.


Just a tip, make sure that the dog breed you choose can survive the tropical weather condition we have in the Philippines else you might end up losing huge cash from your pocket.




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