Top 8 Weirdest Phobias

By: Abielle in Lifestyle

List of Weirdest Phobias

The fear that there is a duck watching you.  The anatidaephobic talk about a weird phobia. And what makes it even weirder is, why in the world would you be afraid if a DUCK is watching you?



Koinoniphobia is the fear of rooms.
So your house would just be one big room-less building. Roof and floors are fine but make sure that there are no walls so it wouldn't be a room.

Pteronophobia is the fear of feathers or being tickled by feathers.
Talks about specific fears. These people literally run in the sight of feathers. Keep them away from pillows and birds.

Cainophobia or cainotophobia, fear of newness, novelty.
So everything this person owns could be hand-me-downs or second hands.

Novercaphobia, fear of your stepmother.
Novercaphobia is the fear of your step-mother . Novercaphobia could very much ruin your marriage. Talk about running away from your stepmother because of a mental illness. People with this phobia might also have issues with Vitricophobia (how convenient), Pentheraphobia (fear of your mother-in-law), and Soceraphobia (fear of your parents-in-law).

Geniophobia, fear of chins
If you've eaten a pound too many of a steak, stay away from them. Your double chin could send them running and your feeling crushed.

Barophobia, fear of gravity
Is the irrational fear of gravity. It is a specific phobia. People suffering from barophobia can fears that gravity might crush them, the fear of falling because of gravity or lack thereof or even the fear that gravity might not exist and that they might float away. So basically, they just hate gravity and anything else that is involved with it.

AND the weirdest of them all....

Phobophobia, fear of phobias
So the person who has this is going to go crazy! He or she will be scared of being scared. So in the end, if she knows she has a phobia, she’ll be scared if being scared if being scared … oh you get the point? lol




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Posted by on 10 Jan 2014

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