Brace yourself for a long but fruitful read! ;)

Have you read the sinister Open Letter to Vic Sotto and My Little Bossings made by the ever so heroic and dignified journalist slash TV celebrity slash musician named Lourd de Veyra? This man has a kind of oozing personality, a Mr. Know-it-all type of guy, and he is even probably the inspiration or model of the song “Nasa’yo na ang Lahat” by Daniel Padilla. Yes! Lourd de Veyra got it all. So the moment he speaks, you have no other choice but to believe in him. He’s as credible as the late President Nelson Mandela.


Lourd de Veyra’s open letter mocked the quality of Filipino movies, scorned gallantly and singled out the highest earning movie in the 39th MMFF, “My Litle Bossings” . The letter was supposed to be some form of an encouragement to the movie makers as well as the actors to produce more high-quality films but it ended up as an article dissing MMFF’s top earning movie. Did he place his bet on the wrong movie that’s why he’s so enraged when he found out that “My Little Bossings” did well in this year’s filmfest? I will include here some parts of the said open letter by de Veyra and I will try to make a corresponding short response.

To our readers, please take note. I am in no way a Vic Sotto fanatic neither do I hold grudges on Mr. Lourd de Veyra. I just want to voice out my own opinion the same way that he did. I find Filipino movies very predictable and corny to some extent so I am not here to act as their redeemer.