Anderson Silva Breaks his Leg | Video of the Grotesque incident inside

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Ultimate Fighting Championship, Anderson Silva broke his leg (Video Included)

UFC Champion Chris Weidman successfully defended his title in a rematch against Anderson “ The Spider” Silva in UFC 168 , Saturday night in Las Vegas, Nevada. Former Champion and a future Hall of Famer Anderson Silva literally broke a leg in a career-ending and horrifying injury against the current UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman.

Read the Update to Anderson Silva's injury


If you can still recall what happened in UFC 162 six months ago, it was the first time that Anderson Silva suffered a loss since fighting in Japan. Anderson Silva's overconfidence led him to his downfall after clowning against Weidman who took his lapses and knocked him out cold.

UFC 168 Fight

Chris Weidman aimed for a take down in the early minutes of the round but Anderson Silva’s superb takedown defense kept him back to his feet. Weidman didn't’t have a chance to execute any offense. Weidman rocked Silva in the clinch with a right hook that landed behind the ear and Silva fell. Silva pulled him into his guard and Weidman wasn't able to generate enough momentum to end the fight with the punches he was throwing. Silva stayed busy on the bottom and even landed a couple of hammer punches but those were the only significant strikes he made in the first round. Weidman landed with shot after shot but wasn't able to finish Silva in the first round either.

A champion that he once was, Anderson Silva calmly walked in the middle of the ring at the start of the second round despite the brutal punishment that he took from Weidman. Silva landed the first shot of the round in the form of a lightning quick leg kick. Weidman landed a body kick that forced Silva to retaliate with another leg kick of his own.

Read the Update to Anderson Silva's injury

Just when we thought that Silva had finally gained his momentum, this happened all of a sudden.

Alternate video is available, here.

Chris Weidman checked the kick and Anderson Silva’s leg broke. Silva’s shin bent like it was a rubber and wrapped around the shin of Weidman. Silva screamed in extreme anguish fell to the ground. Herb Dean called an end to the fight after his shin almost broke into halves. The fight ended as Chris Weidman defeated Anderson Silva by way of TKO (Injury) 1:16 of Round number two.

Although many UFC fans mourned over the injury of Silva, others praised Weidman for another dominant performance and believed that Weidman’s great technical defense caused that TKO when he checked Silva’s kick.

“I did work on checking kicks. I figured if I catch him on my knee, it could really hurt him. Crazy how this happened “ said Weidman.

Read the Update to Anderson Silva's injury

It is definitely depressing to see Silva end his career like that. I give a lot of credits to Weidman. He beat Silva twice in a row now, capitalizing on Silva’s mistakes in two fights.

I still believe that Anderson Silva deserved to be considered as one of the GOAT ( Greatest of All Time ) fighters, but Weidman is the champion and I respect both of their accomplishments.




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