Davao City skaters honestly returned Php100K

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Davao City skaters honestly returned Php100K

davao-skaters.pngDavao City, Philippines - While the three teen skaters were doing some routines last night they accidentally found a bag full of cash. Upon inspection the total amount is Php99,700 which is big enough for you to buy an iPhone, galaxy S3, and an iPad or if you are still a student like them it's already enough to shoulder a couple of semesters in college. However, instead of keeping it, the three teenagers didn't hesitate to return the cellphones and cash inside the pouch.

Elvin Uy and Emerson Buenviaje are senior students taking up BS InfoTech while Sandi dela Cruz is a freshman taking up Theology. The three of them asked the assistance of ABS-CBN Davao to help them find the owner of the lost belonging.

"The money is not ours, we didn't earn the money on our own", said Emerson.

After the public announcement of "Maayong Buntag Mindanao" and DXAB Radyo Patrol, Alberto Carpina showed up and was verified the owner of the lost cash and cellphones. The businessman said that the money was intended to buy new cellphone products for his family business.

Joy Buenviaje said that she is so proud of her son who demonstrated the right values.

As a good gesture and appreciation, Alberto gave some amount to the honest teenagers to eke their budget for the incoming school year.

-It's more fun in the Philippines!

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Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 02 Jun 2012

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