Arci Muñoz removed from Miss World Philippines 2012 Pageant

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Arci Muñoz removed from Miss World Philippines 2012 Pageant

arci-munoz-2.jpgRamona Cecilia Datuin Muñoz or better known as Arci Muñoz is suppose to be one of the 25 official candiates for the Miss World Philippines 2012 title but she decided to backed out.

The actress didn't show up on the press conference early today in Manila Hotel where the rest of the candidates were presented to the media.

According to the Philippine Entertainment Portal (, Chairperson of CQ Global Quest Inc. and Miss World Philippines franchise owner Ms. Cory Quirino said that Arci Muñoz could not fulfill her obligations in the Miss World Philippines pageant due to her active and live contract in TV5.

“So, until that obligations have been fulfilled, she cannot join Miss World Philippines.”, Cory Quirino added.

“Her contract will not allow her. She’s under contract and it’s a live contract. She’s not only a talent, she’s a star of TV5," said Cory.

Arci's contract will soon end on the first quarter of 2013. While her contract is active, she has to fulfill some commitments to the TV network.

Source: Philippine Entertainment Portal


I guess TV5 should have allowed Arci Muñoz to join the competition since this isn't an ordinary one. The winner of this pageant would represent the Philippines in the 62nd edition of the Miss World pageant to be held on August 18, 2012 in Dongsheng Fitness Center Stadium, Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China.

Why TV5 can't allow someone to join the competition? What's with that binding contract? There should have been an exemption since this is basically for our nation. I guess TV5 personnel should review their ruling and be more mature.

More photos of Arci Muñoz.





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Miss World Philippines and TV5 has their own interests to protect. We can't blame TV5 for not giving Arci Munoz any consideration because by doing so, blame must be given to Miss World Philippines too for not extending any consideration towards her.

Lawrence Thursday, June 7 2012 - 23:09

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