Ethics complaint against Senator Miriam Santiago officially filed

By: Marisse in News

After Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago berated volunteer prosecution lawyer Vitaliano Aguirre II who cupped his ears with his hands when Miriam was talking in Day 26 of the Corona impeachment trial, a certain group named Born Free Miriam-Defensor-Santiago.jpgCoalition for Truth and Justice and Raphael Intelligence and Security Provider Inc. demanded the feisty Santiago to issue a public apology for calling the prosecutors a bunch of fools(gago).

“The word in her statement against the prosecution is an insult to the member of the prosecution and an indignation to the millions of Filipino people who are currently listening and watching the impeachment trial,” the letter said signed by a certain Socorro Guatlo Jr.

The group added that Santiago’s accusation is an insult to the Integrated Bar of the Philippines given that the prosecution team is mostly composed of lawyers and members of the House of Representatives.

So what the hell is going on? Public apology again? and again? and again? and again? Sorry pirated CD is playing here.

It's more fun in the Philippines. Take a look at the list of some public apologies the Philippines or Filipinos made within the last 10 years.

1. Public apology from Taylor Kitsch. This is the most recent public apology request of the Philippines when Taylor Kitsch allegedly claimed that corrupt customs officers wanted his iPhone in exchange for his entry in the international airport.

2. SAN FRANCISCO – Felino Punsalan’s 93rd birthday. And for this Filipino WW II veteran — the ultimate gift would come from the U.S. government — a formal public apology for depriving them full veteran benefits for 65 years.

3. Philippines demanded public apology from a hongkong-based writer-Chip Tsao for his article that says "Philippines was unworthy of claiming the Spratly Islands from China because "as a nation of servants, you don't flex your muscles at your master, from whom you earn most of your bread and butter."

4. Filipino seeks apology from 'Desperate Housewives'. The issue stemmed from a remark made by character Susan Mayer being played by actress Teri Hatcher when she visited the office of Dr Adam Mayfair, played by Nathan Fillion, on the show’s 4th season premier. The script goes like "I just want to make sure they’re not from some med school in the Philippines," she said while searching for the doctor’s records."

5. Public apology from Korean actress and commercial endorser Lee Da Hae for mimicking and making fun of what she claimed as Filipino teachers’ English accent.

Okay, given that a public apology is given(that happened many times) What's next? Will that earn us "TRUE" respect? Will it makes millions of poor Filipinos be part of the middle class?

We are just wasting time and money asking people for public apology. Philippines, when will we get mature?




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Posted by on 12 Mar 2012

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