Invisible Mercedes Car - a cutting edge technology that people will definitely love (Mercedes-Benz)

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Mercedes-Benz manufactures an invisible car. How did Mercedes-Benz come up with this idea?

The company cloaked a B-Class hatchback using the same idea behind the invisible car in the James Bond film "Die Another Day" or if you are a Harry Potter fan, you can still relate the idea of the cloak of Harry in real action. Click the image on your right for a better view.mercedes-invisible-car.jpg

Mercedes new F-Cell vehicle is being marketed as a car that's "virtually invisible to the environment." That's because the hydrogen-powered drive system, which converts compressed hydrogen into electricity to drive the motor, has only two emissions-water vapor and heat.

To promote the car's invisibility, The vehicle's left side is covered with a special flexible sheet lined with LED displays covering one side of the car amounting to $263,000, which show streaming images captured by a Canon 5D Mark II camera fitted on the opposite side of the vehicle. The LEDs were programmed to reproduce the image from the camera at the right scale, blending the vehicle into the background from a few feet away. Mercedes employed dozens of technicians to produce its first prototype.

The invisibility cloak had its tryout this week on the streets of Stuttgart, Germany. The car should be going into production in 2014, but the stunt is turning heads already. Its 240-mile range should still appeal to folks.

The invisibility needs further enhancement. Watch the video below. The video images are still showing rough edges and grainy display. But I can say that this clever illusion would definitely get the attention of auto lovers and would be a possible big hit in the market. I don't think that Mercedes-Benz will manufacture a low profile car. For me, this is just a toy that will become a treasure in 2014.

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I think that this is technology is to advanced for the way we live our lives but also very dangerous. No matter how much i think it is dangerous it is still very interesting to see so if they think they can do it, go for it mercedes

chris Monday, April 16 2012 - 16:42

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