Arrogant Taxi Driver Yelled and Shouted a Woman Passenger with Two Teens in Ortigas

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What will you do if an arrogant taxi driver shouted at you? Will you ignore a cab driver yelling right in front of your face? Would you let go of this rudeness?

Let me share to you a shocking story that recently occurred in Ortigas which involved a cocky taxi driver and young woman passenger with her 15-year-old sister and a 10-year-old niece. The victim waited a cab at Cambridge Condominium for nearly an hour before she finally got a taxi. During the initial conversation, the driver urged an additional P50 on top of the flag-down rate. The passenger tried to negogiate with the extra fee and told the driver that she would only add P50 if they would encounter heavy traffic going to their destination. The two parties agreed and the victim identified as Hannah Quiwa took the ride.


While in the cab, her friend called in and told Hannah that he was able to book a car using the grabtaxi app in less than 5 minutes. She responded back and told him that it wasn't really her day since it took her an hour before she was able to find an empty taxi. At this point, the cab driver interrupted their conversation and yelled at her, "Gusto mo ba mag grab, cge mag grab kayo walang problema un!"

The clueless beautiful young lady tried to stay calm while she was also puzzled why the taxi driver was listening to the phone conversation. A few seconds later, the rude taxi driver tried to pull over hinting that he wanted to drop the passengers off. Hannah didn't bother to argue and politely told the driver to continue moving despite the numerous swearing and cursing of the driver. According to the post of Hannah on Facebook, she noticed that the driver changed their route and took her to Pasig then back to C. Raymundo. This made her think that it was intentionally done to increase the fare.

To avoid further issue, she called her dad and advised him to wait her at the passenger's drop off point at Robinsons Galleria in Ortigas Center. An intense encounter with the arrogant driver occurred the moment they arrived at the mall's parkway. The suspect allegedly shouted at her dad and even said, "P*tang !na mo!" when they decided not to add an additional fare of P50. 

Hannah was thankful that the security personnel of Robinsons Galleria intervened the heated argument and was able to drove away the arrogant taxi driver. She was also able to gather important information about the identify of the suspect.

Name of Taxi driver: ROLANDO CAMARA
Plate number: AAO 7317 (NCR)

At the latter part of her post, she advised the driver to stay home if he can't manage his temper and handle the worse traffic situation in the metro.

Read the complete post of Hanna Quiwa describing the abusive action of the taxi driver in Ortigas, here.




Posted by on 10 Jan 2016

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