Motorist Samson Rivero 'threatened' MMDA constable-Danilo Dagunot faces charges

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Samson Rivero, a 48-year-old businessman accused of threatening a traffic enforcer of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) was arrested by the police.

Danilo Dagunot, MMDA traffic constable, was allegedly threatened by Samson Rivero with a gun after Rivero was apprehended by the MMDA traffic officer on Friday for illegal use of commemorative license plates.

According to Dagunot, Rivero introduced himself as a member of the Philippine National Police and appeared to reach for his weapon, prompting the traffic aide to flee the scene.


A illustration.

Dagunot then sought help from a Mandaluyong police officer.

Rivero was arrested by police, but he denied that he was hostile in dealing with Dagunot. He also denied that he introduced himself as a police officer.

Rivero, a resident of Baclaran, ParaƱaque, was driving a BMW sedan with a National Bureau of Investigation commemorative plate.

He is facing charges of life threat and usurpation of authority.

Source: ABS CBN news


This new incident reminds me of the Blair Carabuena and MMDA Saturnino Fabros incident which for me a very sensationalized issue. Now we have MMDA Dagunot against Rivero. I have a question though, was there a video of this new incident which can serve as an ultimate proof of Dagunot's accusation?

I doubt that this would become a hit without a video footage like the Blair-Fabros incident.




Posted by on 22 Sep 2012

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Pasikat naman tong MMDA na toh gusto din mapromote at mabigyan ng pera ng madlang people...

weeeshhhaaaa Saturday, September 22 2012 - 17:41

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