iPhone 5s phones worth $95,000 stolen in Japan

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iPhone 4s - A series of robberies of iPhone 5s phones were reported just hours before it officially launched in Osaka, Japan which upsets around 191 residents. Thus, making thieves the first to get their hands on Apple's new iPhone.

Three men were spotted in KDDI store (one of Japan’s mobile companies and iPhone 5 launch partner) which prompted local residents to call the police authorities. Police responding to the scene found that 33 iPhone 5s had been stolen.


In another location, a Softbank store (another Japanese mobile carrier) had its entire stock of iPhone 5s (116 units) stolen, including display units, by three men. Security camera footage showed that the entire heist took less than five minutes.

Finally, an “au” store (a mobile carrier brand owned by KDDI), lost 42 iPhone 5s to another break-in at around 2:30am. Only two units remained. Security camera footage from the third incident is not yet available and police do not know how many suspects were involved.

The reports state that it isn’t certain that these robberies are connected, but one can expect they almost certainly are.

All suspects remain at large as of this writing.

According to reports, pre-orders of the iPhone 5 costs twice as high as those for the iPhone 4S.

Meanwhile, iPhone users who downloaded iOS6 on their iPhone 5 vented their frustrations online when they discovered major bugs on Apple maps which replaced Google maps.

Source: Macobserver, yahoo news




Posted by DiversityHuman.com on 21 Sep 2012

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