Killing Boredom At the Middle of Traffic Jam

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This Hilarious Video Shows The Best Thing Ever That You Can Do When You Encounter Heavy Traffic

Have you ever thought on how to kill your boredom when you face heavy traffic in the metro? Well, at least one motorist figured out the best thing to do and he just did it outside of his vehicle.

An unknown motorist from Cebu city jumped off from his car and joined a group of children dancing at the middle of traffic jam. In the video, one of passengers in the car encouraged his companion to dance with the kids on the street.

The children who enjoyed entertaining the drivers in that certain location welcomed the man as they continue to dance while smiling to the onlookers.

Both the dancing children and the motorist earned praises from the netizens on social media. They said that same thing can be done in EDSA where the heaviest traffic flow in the country is being experienced daily.

Watch the funny and entertaining video that you might want to do when you are stuck in the middle of traffic jam. This will definitely kill your boredom while waiting for the traffic lights to switch to green.




Posted by on 24 Jun 2016

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