Negligence and Arrogance' of a Doctor in Cavite Killed a Patient Experiencing Cardiac Arrest

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A medical practitioner and licensed doctor in a certain hospital in Cavite allegedly declined to assist a patient experiencing cardiac arrest at the emergency room of the hospital. The doctor's 'negligence and arrogance' resulted to the death of the elderly patient.

Any doctor has sworn to help any patient during their oath taking ceremony at the Professional Regulation Commission(PRC). This is a requirement before they receive their individual licenses from the government agency. Because of this prerequisite, all Filipino patients believe that doctors will attend any 'critical emergency' situation. However, there are some (if not several) doctors who fail to abide on this practice.


One good example of a medical negligence was recently shared by a netizen "Joseph Custodio" whose father was allegedly left unattended by the doctor on duty at Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo Gen. Hospital in Cavite. In his lengthy post on social media, he fully provided the details of the arrogance and gross negligence of the medical practitioner. His father was having a heart attack prompting him to seek direct assistance from the doctor.

Here's the complete post of the netizen including the video of the incident.

Guys i think i have to narrate the entire story for everybody to know the severity of what happened to my father. When we entered the ER of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo Gen. Hospital(Trece Martires). My father was just complaining about slight difficulty of breathing and minimal chess pain. He managed to walk to the ER indicating he still in good shape. Then they took his BP 90/60, i even told them he recently took a sublingual med. Then i asks my father of his condition he said"anak medyo ok pa" but i know basing it on his facial expression he is still in pain. I again asks if the nurse cn check my father again, what she just did was to take his BP it is still 90/60. Then i approached Dr. Morada and asks if he cn check my father he said"hintayin mo tawagin pangalan mo" i said "doc i think he is having a heart attack. Dr. Morada said"ikaw ang kulit mo, kung nagmamadali ka e di ilipat mo" o kaya iuwi mo. I said i'll just transfer him to another hospital just sign that your refusing to attend to my father. He said"di ko yan pipirmahan loko ka pla e". Then when i glanced at my father now he really look really different and I said"doc patingnan naman po kasi emergency po talaga" Dr. Morada said knina kp ang kulit mo. Then as i glanced bck at my father he then fell on the floor face first. I immediately run to him and tried lifting him. The nurses then help me lift him to the bed. Dr. Morada didn't even barged to stand up and take a look at my father's situation. He even mocked me by looking at me holding a paper and pretending to be reading through it. Then my sister shouted "ung tatay ko po ung tatay ko po" Dr. Morada still did nothing considering that there are no situation in the ER as critical as ours. Then finally Dr. Morada stood and approached my father and the nurses trying to revive my father ordering one of the nurses to place an intrument to check his pulse. Then he moved away. Feeling dissatisfied of his actions, I approach Dr. Morada again saying "Doc paki-check naman ung tatay ko"He stood again and said" ang kulit mo, alin ba yung pasyente mo dyan? Even he knows i still told him in a low tone since I'm begging for his assistance i said"sya po" pointing to fathers bed. Then he pretend to be approaching my father and pointed to were he is lying and then approached a different bed and assisted a different patient who is not in a critical status. Looking at me as if mocking me while pretending to help the other patient. He didn't even do anything to help nor even just touch my father. That was the time i decided to move out of the hospital and look for police assistance. When i got back i asked my sister where is the doctor? Then a new lady in the scenario said that she is a doctor. Then i asks my sister if when did dra. Arrived my sister said"kani-kanina lang". That moment, when i take a look at my father i know he is fighting for his life. Dra. Cabrera the lady doctor said"nahihirapan napo si tatay lumaban"while assisting my father to breathe using a pump. I then tried to talk to the doctor saying"doc ayun ung ngyari sa tatay ko kasi di mo sya tinulungan"then i said PUT@55IN@mo. Pagnamatay lang ang tatay ko lagot ka sa akin. Then i movd out of the ER since im having difficulty in breathing because of how he treated my father. DAHIL BA NAKASANDO LANG ANG TATAY KO AT MAHIRAP LANG KMI KAYA DI NYA SYA INASIKASO? Malakas ung tatay ko ng dinala nmin dito tapos ilalabas na namin syang bangkay dahil sa ayaw lang gawin ni DR. MORADA ung trabaho nya. At ng tinatanong nmin ung mga staff kung ano ung full name ni Dr. Morada bigla wla ni isa man sa knila ang nakakaalam. Pati ung information section ng ospital wala rin alam at wla records na pwede pagkunan ng pangalan. Kya baka mtulungan nyo naman kami na makuha ang hustisa para sa tatay ko. Khit malaman lang namin ung full name ni DR. MORADA o address nya para malaman nya na isang napakabuting AMA ang ipinagkait nya sa aming isang tao na umasa na lalabas sya sa ospital na un ng malakas.

As of writing, the complainant haven't heard any apology nor proper explanation as to why the doctor acted diffently when the netizen sought assistance from him.

We will also provide a note whenever the doctor will explain his side and will share his version of this controversial story.

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