Jessy Mendiola Wears Darna Costume (Photo)

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Jessy Mendiola uploaded a photo via her personal Instagram account wearing the costume of Darna, one of the most famous fictional characters and comics superheroine in the Philippines.


Sometime in January 2016, Jessy posted a picture on her social media account that recently caught the attention of the netizens. The viral photo was captioned;

Disclaimer: *Ito ay pawang katatawanan lamang, trabaho lang po. Walang personalan.* Masaya nako kasi nabigyan ako ng pagkakataon masuot ang costume ni Darna. Kahit spoof lang. Thank you Banana Sundae. Kala ko binibiro niyo lang ako eh. Seryoso pala kayo.

What causes the old post to go viral on social media?

A certain report of ABS-CBN news cited that Jessy Mendiola is open to the rumored Darna audition. In another interview, the Director of the film Erik Matti is still not able to find the right replacement of Angel Locsin who has the closest resemblance to the description of the superheroine. Erik said that the actress who will fit the character and role should physically look like a Filipina hinting that the skin color of Jessy is too white.

Despite the personal assessment of Erik Matti, fans of Jessy Mendiola are giving their full support to the beautiful and talented celebrity. They believe that no one could be better than Mendiola.




Posted by on 25 Feb 2016

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