Fight of Two Jeepney Passengers Caught on Video

By: DiversityHuman in Social Media

Fistfight of two passengers inside a jeepney with Paco-Monumento route were caught on video. It involved a raging young man throwing punches to an older passenger allegedly sitting next to him.

It wasn't clear in the viral video as to who initiated the wild confrontation since the whole incident wasn't captured. However, according to the uploader, the fight of the furious men allegedly rooted when one of them accused the other of deliberately leaning his back since the jeep was fully-packed with passengers.passengers-fight-jeepney-paco-monumento.jpg

As seen in the video, the younger passenger held the collar of the older man and threatened to hit him. The passengers attempted to calm down the young man but he still attacked the older passenger causing a brief commotion inside the jeepney. As a self-defense, the other man believed to be a senior citizen kicked the face of the attacker.

Watch the 50-second video shared by Ammie Carpio and see how the fight broke up inside the public utility jeep. As you go through the video, you will notice that the driver didn't bother to stop despite the request of the passengers to pull over in order for the young man to alight from the jeep. 

Kaya kayo kapag sasakay ng jeep wag sasandalan ang katabi kung ayaw nyong matulad dito...MUST WATCH. ??

Posted by Ammie Carpio on Thursday, February 18, 2016




Posted by on 22 Feb 2016

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